Spotlight on Silverheels Horehound

IMG_5187 2


Silverheels Horehound (Marrubium rotundifolium) looking pretty nestled against a red boulder in my xeric bed. This plant is in its third year and keeps spreading slowly contrasting beautifully with the red stone.  I love the silvery edges on its soft and wooly leaves. It is native to south facing slopes in the dry mountains of Turkey where it gets extremely cold and windswept, so it’s a natural for the steppe climate of Colorado.  It’s in full sun in poor gravelly soil here and thrives with very infrequent watering. A beautiful plant I don’t want to be without.  

5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Silverheels Horehound

  1. I am looking for a source for this plant. We want to add it to our local ornamental gardens. Could you tell me where you found yours?


    1. Hi Melanie- sorry for slow reply — I’ve been out of the country. I got my Silverheels online from High Country Gardens — they call it silver edged. if you are in the Springs, check with Sunset Greenhouse or Phelan Gardens next spring.


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