After 19 years of gardening in Raleigh, NC, we retired back to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2017.  We love the cool summer nights and spectacular mountain views from our front yard. The growing season is shorter here, and you can get snow (or hail) on the dahlias, but beautiful gardens can be created with all-season interest.  We recently moved to a new home on a flat corner lot.  I am excited to turn this dirtscape into a waterwise landscape with lots of native plants to support birds, pollinators and wildlife.

Our “Blank Slate” Landscape in March 2022

The builder provided landscaping for the front yard and easement.  It’s ok but not what we have in mind.  They will plant 3 trees later this spring.  I want to add oval mulched areas with some xeric plantings to the easement to make it less stark.


Pikes Peak Sunrise