Quest for A Mild Habanero – An Update


Earlier this year I posted about two peppers I was growing that were supposed to taste like Habaneros without the heat.

Gardening season ended here in mid-October.  I did have success with one of the peppers that was supposed to taste like a mild habanero — the Arroz con Pollo.  Unfortunately, the Habanada had just started blooming when the frost occurred.  I didn’t do my research and I find this pepper has 100 days to maturity, a real stretch for Colorado Springs. However,  I am bringing the container in and out to protect it from freezing so hopefully I will get a few to taste.  Evidently pepper plants are not day length sensitive, however they may drop blossoms if temperatures go below 60F and above 90F.

But onto the success story of the Arroz Con Pollo.  These are small bright red peppers when ripe which are very pretty as well as very tasty, and only tiny bit hot if you leave the seeds in. Seed them and the heat is gone. The flavor is definitely pepper with overtones of citrus which gives them a delicious fruity quality.  But do they taste like a habanero?  I think the habanero has a more floral fruity flavor and less pepper before the heat hits.

The Arroz con Pollo bush was very decorative with the bright peppers contrasting against the green leaves.  I will definitely be planting a lot of these peppers next season and will be working to get some ripe habandas by starting them earlier under grow lights.

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